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How Your Suspension System Works

The primary responsibility of your vehicle’s suspension system is to keep the frame of the body attached to the wheels while also allowing for a certain degree of movement and flexibility between the two. It is made up of many parts, including struts, shocks, linkages and springs that help stabilize steering, facilitate braking and improve vehicle handling. When the suspension system is working properly, it contributes to:

If you notice any of the following problems while driving your vehicle, it is time to consider having your struts or shocks inspected by a professional:

If the struts or shocks become damaged, worn or lose fluid, it can make it harder to steer or control the vehicle.

Immediate replacement of damaged shocks or struts is recommended for maximum comfort and safety.

When to Consider Replacement

If you're a member of the military, you get a 15% discount on

our services.*

* Does not apply to towing.

The first 5 miles are FREE with a major auto repair. We can typically go as far out as 30 miles out for a tow, but call us for details.  Turn to us when you need a towing service at affordable prices.


  • Minimal road noise

  • Reduced vibration and increased ride comfort

  • Extension of tire life

  • Effective braking

  • Easier steering capabilities

  • The front end dips noticeably downward when braking

  • You feel an uncomfortable amount of vibration or bouncing while driving

  • The car sways or leans excessively when making turns or lane changes

  • Unusual sounds come from the suspension area

  • You have driven 50,000 miles or more since you last had your struts or shocks replaced